Whoopie Pies

Not just for you, funny name fans.  A whoopie pie may sound like a practical joke, but it’s actually quite the treat time star.  You just need to get to know it.  And like all dark horses, it has a spicy history. Some say it hails from Maine where it’s now the official state treat.  Others claim its origins lie in Amish country.  Legend has it that children would shout “whoopie” when they found one in their lunch bag.

Either way, if you want to treat it up east coast style, then get your hands on one of these luscious lovelies.  More cake, than pie, these bakies were traditionally chocolate, with a marshmallow frosting.  Our take has a creamy buttercream filling, and a host of scrumptious flavours to choose from.  Whoopie!

All whoopie pies £2.25 each.  Minimum order of 8 per flavour.

banana and maple syrup

Real banana cake with a luscious maple syrup frosting


Spicy cinnamon and sugar flavoured cake with a coffee infused buttercream filling


Succulent strawberry cake with a strawberry buttercream filling 

red velvet

Sassy red velvet cake with a cinnamon buttercream filling

chocolate mint

Tasty chocolate cake with a zingy mint buttercream frosting

pumpkin spice

Pumpkin cinnamon cake with a vanilla bean cinnamon buttercream filling

 double chocolate

Delicious chocolate cake sandwiched together with a rich chocolate buttercream filling


Vanilla bean cake with a creamy vanilla bean buttercream filling