Ah, yes. In recent times, the good old-fashioned cupcake has been given a Hollywood-style makeover and unveiled with a drum rolling “tah-dah” to become glitzier, tastier and more extravagant than ever.  We celebrate its heady rise to fame with a feast of flavours and styles befitting the world’s current no. 1 baking star.  Dive in and enjoy.

 All cupcakes £2.50 each and come with a fondant decoration.  Minimum order of 6 per flavour. 

Minis also available in all flavours - £1.25 each. Minimum order of 12 per flavour.


vanilla bean

Like it old school? Then this is the treat for you. Sweet, simple, tasty vanilla bean cupcake and frosting. No gimmicks, no stunts, just delicious.
If you fancy mixing it up, then try the frosting in pink, green, yellow, blue or orange. Tastes the same, but doffs a cap to the avant-garde. We salute you.


Raisins, cinnamon, carrot, vanilla. Chocca-block with tasty treats, this may be veg, but it’s so much more. Topped with a lightly spiced, cinnamon cream cheese frosting, we’ve embraced the carrot and shrugged off its savoury shackles. Tangy, fruity, spicy and sweet, all in one dainty delight. You’re welcome.


Many of our bakies are inspired by the South, and this tropical cupcake is no exception.  Hummingbird cake is a favourite there, and we salute it with our take on the classic.   A delicious banana and pineapple cupcake, with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting – that’s really something to chirp about.

banana chocolate

It should be wrong, but feels so right. Real banana cupcake filled with a salted caramel sauce and topped with a delicious chocolate frosting. Three taste titans unite to show the world how it’s done. Fruity and creamy. Salty and sweet. And we avoided the word synergy. Kudos to us.


Chocolate and coffee. Coffee and chocolate. An enduring match that has withstood the test of time. Celebrate their love with our luscious mocha treat -delicious chocolate cupcake filled with rich chocolate sauce and an espresso buttercream frosting. Step away from the latte, and let love run its course. Caffeine fixes don’t come any sweeter.


What’s not to like? Chocolate cupcake filled with a yummy chocolate sauce and topped off with a rich chocolate frosting. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Enough said.


red velvet

If you like to run with the in-crowd, then look no further than this bad boy.  Currently the darling of american baking, this delicious, red-tinted cocoa cupcake has a dreamy cream cheese frosting which we’ve gently pepped up with a zip of cinnamon.  Some say it’s from the south, others lay claim from NYC – but we’re not here to judge.  Just devour and enjoy, and see what all the fuss is about.

honey chai

This is quite a twist on the tea-time tipple.  The trendiest kid on the beverage block gets a cakey makeover as it infuses our vanilla bean cupcake.  And what better compliment to a cup of spicy chai than the sweet taste of honey.  But it’s not just in the cupcake – a luscious honey frosting tops it all off as this cake’s crowning glory.  A sweet and spicy tea-time treat, and there’s no cup required.

cookie crumble

Listen up, cookie fans, this is all about you.  A chocolate cookie base topped with a chocolate and cookie crumb cupcake, and a vanilla and cookie crumb frosting.  And the cookies?  All chocolate, all homemade, and all delicious.  Cake and cookies.  Vanilla and chocolate.  Endless tasty tidbits all for the price of one. Yes, yes, we know.  And you’re welcome.


key lime pie

We can’t all be there-cruising South Beach in a ’60s convertible.  But for those of us in chillier climes, this little beauty is the next best thing.  The key lime pie is our take on Florida’s famous dessert.  A mini sugar cookie ‘crust’ is topped with a cupcake infused with delicious, zesty lime and a sugar and lime filling that packs a real citrus punch.  Our limes may not be key, but make no mistake – one little bite is a tasty trip to the tropics.

black and white

Inspired by the famous New York cookie, the black and white cupcake pays homage to the chocolate vanilla combo.  Forget double trouble.  With a chocolate vanilla marble cake, and a swirly chocolate vanilla buttercream, this cupcake is twice the confectionery fun.


Strawberry may be the traditional taste of summer, but with this dainty treat, you can enjoy a bite of fruity fun all year round.  Our vanilla bean cupcake and creamy frosting are infused with real, fresh strawberries to create a light, delicate bakie that’s ripe for the picking.

lemon raspberry

Two wondrous worlds collide in this meeting of two mighty taste titans.  Sweet and sour are the name of the game with a lemon infused cupcake, a delicious raspberry filling and a rich raspberry buttercream.  Look no further for a giant hit of fabulous, fruity fun.

grasshopper pie

This is our cakey take on the grasshopper pie, which in turn is a take on the crème de menthe cocktail, a favourite of the American south in the ’50s and ’60s.  Confused?  So are we.  Let’s just say that with a chocolate cookie ‘crust’, a chocolate cupcake and thick, creamy swirls of pepperminty buttercream, your friends will be green with envy.

chocolate salted caramel

It may hail from France, but it’s now a firm stateside favourite.  As the sweet/savoury combo takes the world by storm, hop on board with this salted caramel filled chocolate cupcake with a mouth-watering salted caramel buttercream. Bon Appétit! .