All cookies £1.50each.  Minimum order of 8 per flavour.

chocolate chunk

As American as a bit part in a fast-talking rom-com, this little bakie is a true stateside classic. Light vanilla butter cookies, sprinkled throughout with chunky milk chocolate –it’s an homage to doing it down home style. Jump on your swing-seat, plump up a cushion, and cast your mind back to a simpler time.

triple chocolate chunk

True chocoholics, prick up your ears. This one’s for you – a dark chocolate cookie liberally sprinkled with both milk and white chocolate chunks. That’s right. White chocolate – forgotten cousin of the confectionery world. Step out of the shadows, white chocolate and check your watch. This is your time.


Snicker-what? Yes, yes, we know. But hold onto your hats. This quirky cool name conceals a top, tasty treat. A delicate butter cookie, rolled in cinnamon and sugar –what’s not to like? it’s an all-American favourite and a scrumptious step into the unknown.

double chocolate chunk

If you like chocolate chip cookies, but fancy ramping things up, this could be the thrill ride you’re after. With a dark chocolate cookie complimenting milk chocolate chunks, this delicious delight is double the fun.

 oatmeal raisin

With rolled oats, raisins and a whole host of spices, these bakies taste festive all the year round. They’re tangy, chunky, fun and fruity and are begging to be savoured, one slow bite at a time. So dust down your secret reindeer jumper, kick back and relax and enjoy. Go on, you know you want to. And no-one need ever know….

mint chocolate sandwich

For the die-hard cookie buff, this is pure double trouble.  Two chewy chocolate cookies sandwiched together with a luscious mint buttercream and generously dunked in melted dark chocolate.  Enough said – this cookie carnival speaks for itself.


iced sugar cookie

Iced cookies come in all shapes and sizes, but when something tastes this good, why gild the lily? Covered with a delicious layer of royal icing, this delicate sugar cookie is a touch of class.  No frills, no spills, no fancy, no fuss.  This little treat lets the taste do the talking.

vanilla  chocolate sandwich

No bread and butter here – this sandwich is pure cookie heaven.  Our rich chocolate buttercream is surrounded by two delicious vanilla cookies for a luscious and tasty sweet treat.  Why fly solo, when this terrific twosome is twice as nice.