In the world of layer cakes, what could be better than two?  Yes, you guessed it.  In our all-american classic, three layers unite with lashings of delicious buttercream to create a towering titan of a treat.  Perfect for birthdays, christenings or any other cake centric knees up

All cakes are 20cm (8in).  They serve 10-12 people, and come with a fondant decoration.


Immerse yourself in a rich, succulent chocolate dream. Our luscious chocolate cake is enrobed in a velvety chocolate buttercream frosting. Resistance is useless. Grab a towel, throw it in and succumb to the joys of pure chocolate bliss.


  red velvet

Red is the colour. Of heartbreak, danger, love and desire. This cake may be red, but it prefers a lighter mood. A red-tinted cocoa cake with a cinnamon infused cream cheese frosting, this is definitely a treat to put a smile on your face. Walk away from the drama. This is all about the good times. 


vanilla bean

Simplicy itself. Vanilla cake and buttercream combine to show that in the world of baking, less can be more. But don’t be deceived by its innocent looks. Rich, creamy and bursting with flavour, this sugary starlet is anything but a shrinking violet. To match a room, a theme, or just your mood, the frosting is also available in pink, green, yellow, blue or orange. Still vanilla, but draped with a delicious buttercream dash of colour. You know you want to.




vanilla strawberry

Listen up, thermal fans. This fruity beauty’s not just for summer. With a scrumptious vanilla and strawberry buttercream and cake, this delicate dessert will have you dreaming of sunnier climes. Put the woollies away and surrender yourself to pure berry pleasure.



OK, thrill seekers, your time has come. If it’s a caffeine kick you’re after, try the dreamy espresso frosting layered around our delicious chocolate cake. Creamy and peppy, rich and punchy, it’s just the thing for those living life in the fast lane.


grasshopper cake

Our cakey take on the famous cocktail may be alcohol-free, but it’s certainly not lacking in spirit.  Delicious chocolate cake is covered and layered with lashings of rich, peppermint buttercream and topped off with a sumptuous chocolate glaze.  Tantalise your tastebuds with this terrific minty treat