All brownies £2.50 each.  Minimum order of 8 per flavour.

ultimate chunky chocolate

What could be better than our chunky chocolate brownie? If you love white chocolate, then it’s ultimate chunky fun. Milk and white chocolate chunks are scattered throughout our dark chocolate brownie forming a trilogy worthy of a Hollywood nod.

chunky chocolate

No frills, no fancy, no fuss. A rich chocolate brownie made with delicious dark chocolate and sprinkled with chunks of creamy milk chocolate. Form an orderly queue, bake shop purists. This one’s for you.


A blond brownie? A brownie blondie? What? Defying the laws of nature, a brownie without chocolate can bask in all its brown sugary glory. But fear not, chocolate fans, you haven’t been forgotten. Our blondie beauty is peppered with chunks of delicious dark chocolate to take it to the next succulent level. Cast off your inhibitions, brownie buffs and take a chance on the lighter side.

strawberry and white chocolate

A truly decadent treat for all you pleasure seekers out there. Our chunky chocolate brownie is infused with real strawberries and sandwiched together with strawberry preserves. And if that’s not enough to wet your whistle, we’ve tossed in a load of creamy white chocolate chunks. Move along, gastro minimalists. Nothing to see here.

frosted banana bread brownie

Chocolate and banana – a partnership made in sweet treat heaven. So saddle up, folks, and enjoy the ride while this bad boy combo takes it to the next level. Made with real fruit and delicious dark chocolate, this brownie has a dense banana bread-like texture and a creamy chocolate frosting.

salted caramel

Originating in France, this scrumptious flavour is firmly entrenched as a stateside favourite. Now criss-crossing the pond, we’re spreading the word here in Blighty by layering our chunky chocolate brownie with salted caramel sauce. Playing a blinder for taste and international relations. Kudos, brownie.