It all began in a college dorm in Indiana.  It was a first time trip to America, and I was in the deepest mid-west to experience a slice of life stateside.  There were to be many firsts that year – first extreme weather, first American football game (just like the movies), first frat party (nothing like the movies) and first taste of American food.  And it was right up my street.  Bottomless chocolate milkshakes, luscious ice-cream with endless sprinkles and sauces, and tasty pastries with extra frosting on the side.  Rich, indulgent and utterly delicious.

That US trip was the first of many, and coast to coast I’ve had plenty of chances to sample yummy cakes, bakes and desserts from across the country.  And boy, have I sampled.  From Gooey Butter Cake in St. Louis to Mexican chocolate cupcakes in San Diego, the US has some of the most scrumptious sweet treats around.  But America’s a long way to go for a favourite snack, and anyway, isn’t it more fun to share?  And so the seeds were sown for Puffin Beach Bakery to bring you the very best in American – style goodies and  enjoy these bakes a little closer to home – whether it’s for weddings, birthdays or just a Sunday afternoon treat.

We can’t do roller skates, and we don’t have the insurance to valet park your car, but in every other way we try to embrace the best in American customer service.  Don’t like a frosting?  Then let’s try another… Not keen on a filling?  Then we’ll skip it.  Any special requests, then just let us know and we’ll see what we can do…

The way we bake is always fresh, always delicious, and baked from scratch using great quality ingredients.  Because that’s the only way to do it.

So for your all your US-style deliciousness, just give us a call.

Oh, and have a nice day.


Candida Pierce

Puffin Beach Bakery